The Secret to Becoming Wise…

Here is a simple thought to wrap your head around. You do not have to be smart to be wise. To be a wise person has the ability to use the correct knowledge. In the correct way at the correct time. Some of the smartest individuals we meet are not able to do this. They are able to remember, regurgitate, and repeat but they are not able to actually put it to effective use.

Some people have a natural ability to connect dots effectively, and because of that, they are thought of as wise just as they are.  For the rest of us, who need to work towards something like this, it is important to understand that becoming “wise” can be learned.

Each week we can practice becoming “wise”. If we pay attention carefully, we will notice that we are constantly taking in information. Our brain is like a sponge. In fact, our brain sees and absorbs almost everything that is happening around us. Even if we consciously cannot recognize it is happening. So we need to spend time reflecting on our week, which is something we discuss with all of our LP users, but even more, we need to use what we learn in that reflection to help refine our future path.

Become Wise

What I want you to try is to think about something you learned last week and use that to make your own weekly wisdom. It does not have to sound clever, use big words, or rhyme, it just needs to connect with you and be usable in the future! I think you would be amazed that if you did this little practice that we started years ago and took the things you experienced in life and then focused on what you learned and how you are going to use that moving forward, you will see wisdom emerge quickly in your life.  Wisdom really is taking knowledge from an experience, finding an application for the future, and applying that as you walk through life!

Let us know what you find! We want to benefit from your great wisdom, too. Find the wisdom in your life and share it with us. We love hearing what our users are experiencing and you never know, maybe we will be able to feature your weekly wisdom on one of our weekly emails in the future!

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