Seek Wisdom To Become Wise

There’s a difference between wisdom and knowledge.  All of the amazing advances in technology give us access to worlds of knowledge available right at our fingertips…right in the palm of our hands! So much so that having knowledge in your head is somewhat losing its necessity when you have a device in your hand that can give you the knowledge at any moment you need.  Why waste brain space holding knowledge that the cloud can hold for you, right?

Well, not so right after all.  See, the problem is we give more value to knowledge than ever because we can access knowledge so easily.  In the process, we have lowered our value of wisdom – the experiential truth gained from others who have gone on the path before us.

Growing up, on our TV shows we would see kids going to adults or older siblings to ask for advice based on their experience. Some of my favorite times were talking to my grandparents to hear stories from their lives. Now, unless the stories are a sentence or two, few kids are able to sit through it. There is no need to hear what an older person has been through when we can just get our answer by pulling out the phone.

I would challenge you to practice seeking wisdom and you will be amazed at how quickly you can become “wise” rather than simply absorbing knowledge. If you haven’t done this in a while, ask someone more experienced than you about their life. Try to learn from others’ experiences and you will become wiser in a conversation than you could in a lifetime!

Go out and seek wisdom from the people in your circles and you will see the wisdom others have if you just decide to ask!


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