Life Lived Properly is Full and Enjoyable

The purpose of life is to live. Sounds simple, right?  But in order to live life properly, there are some things that “need” to happen. Society has told us how we should live our life now so that we can enjoy our life later.  Sure, there’s some truth to that. But what if I could tell you we can do both? What if you can do all the “should’s” while stepping out in fulfillment…in joy? It just takes one thing. You have to choose it.

Life is hard and has its struggles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. See, joy is a choice, and we can choose to enjoy life no matter what it throws our way.  We can choose fulfillment, we can choose enjoyment.  And the best part? We don’t have to wait for later to do it.  We can start now.  We can choose today.  We can do what we “ought” to do and still choose a posture of joy in the process.  We are free to live beyond our circumstances, we are free to struggle and still find enjoyment.

A life lived properly isn’t a life that looks a certain way or a life free of “hardship”.  A life lived properly is a life that is both fulfilling and one you enjoy.


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