Busy people do. Productive people progress.

Busy people tend to spend a lot of time doing things. That is not what productive people do. Now don’t get me wrong, productive people are usually doing a lot but the difference is the end result.

Busy people can do a lot and get very little done whereas productive people can do less and get more done. Productive people get results. They see progress and they are doing many small things to help move the ball forward instead of just trying to keep it in the air.

Productive people

A lot of time we are sucked into this thought that we are productive when really we are just being busy. Now, that is fine as there are times in life when we are just busy and have a lot of things to do, but let’s make sure we are taking a step back, use the brain dump technique we teach in the LP, and see all the things we need to get done.

The busy person will take that list and just start doing things randomly or whatever is easiest first. Productive people will look at that list and strategically decide which task to do in a way that will maximize results and create the most progress.

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