Inches Lead to Lost

Life happens and if we are not careful, without even knowing it. We can wind up far away from where we want to be.  No matter your age or experience, unless you are focused & intentional about your direction, it is easy to become lost.

Looking back on the mistakes I have made in my life. If only I can both notice them and correct them sooner. I wouldn’t have to reroute myself miles and miles.  Instead, I would have just had to back a quick right, left, or U-turn.  This sounds like common sense. We know, but oftentimes it gets overlooked.  We want you to be able to implement this right away. To save yourself from days, weeks, months, years spent being miles lost.

If you are not getting the results you want or you see that the path you are going down is no longer aiming you towards these results, redirect your path.  You do not always need to stop immediately or turn the complete other direction but you do need to start redirecting, turning the wheel a bit, adjusting to meet the destination.  If you have ever had the chance to steer a boat of any size, from a yacht to a personal kayak, when you want to make a change in your direction, you do not stop on a dime and turn at a 90-degree angle.

We should work with our paths in a similar way.  You slowly can adjust your direction and be on target.  Sometimes, like in a boat, life forces you to drift off the correct path and if we reflect quickly and constantly, all we need to do is lightly put the paddle in the water or turn the wheel ever so slightly to just get ourselves back on target.

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