Technology is something that has changed the way we live and is continuing to change our lives for the better. We are fans of what technology can do in some parts of our lives but what we need to be careful of is reminding ourselves what technology does for us.

Even as AI and AR are becoming more and more part of our everyday life, technology is created to help us be more efficient in the task we are doing. That means by using technology we can do more of the thing we are doing in less time. Think of a calculator, we can do math faster. Think of an excel spreadsheet, the power of that program is amazing but it, like all technology, is built around the specific system: input leads to output.

Effective vs. Efficient

Life is the same way and too many times we are leaning on technology because we feel it will solve our problems. It can if you understand the difference between Effective and Efficient.

To this day, there is no known computer that is more powerful than the human brain. Its ability to process life is something no computer or technology can do at the same level (and the brain has been around for a long time!) The brain can take bad information, and although it is difficult, and create a positive outcome. Again, technology cannot. All technology can do is help us get a task done faster.

But faster is not always better. We want to get our tasks done properly. Once we know how to get them done properly, only then can we look to do them faster. Reflect on how you have been using technology. Have you used it to be more efficient or more effective? I can tell you the answer is effective as the efficient part comes from you.

Be Efficient.

Make sure you are allowing yourself to be efficient and remind yourself that you do not need to rely on technology to do that. The computer in your head works perfectly fine for that. When using technology and understanding that bad in = bad out, you will recognize why it is so important to make sure what we are doing is effective, before we ever put it through technology. Otherwise, we are just going to be getting more of what we are currently getting. If that is good, then more power to you. If that is not what you want, step back from technology and let your brain do some of the work!

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