The average person who formally sets goals does it about the same time of the year.  After they shake off the New Year celebration, it is now time to get after their resolutions.  That is why we see the gym fill up each year in the month of January.  Eventually, the majority of those individuals will fade off and go back to the life they were living before but why?  They had great intentions.  They really wanted to change.  They also really expected to change. but what happened?

I can tell you that the only way to keep a goal going in the correct direction is to constantly check-in and review what actions are happening.  We call this process Reviewing to Refine.  The only way to really know how you are doing is to review your actions and review the results you are taking to then refine your action and refine your results.    Take the little time it takes now to review your week and make sure the actions you are taking now are setting you up to live the life you want to live in the future.

Our weekly planner gives you a system that will transform your life in just 90 days or less. The LP Planner consists of 12-weekly spreads that guarantee you a more purposeful 90 days than ever before by helping you identify and achieve the goals you want in all areas of your life. We guarantee that you’ll experience increased productivity if you use this entire planner for 90 days – in fact, we will even refund your purchase if you don’t. Just return it to us with every page filled out and we’ll send you your money back. A planner with a guarantee? I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

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