Time is the most valuable thing we have on this planet.  It is the one thing we can not get more of.  We can not make more, we can not earn more.  Once time is gone, it can not be redone.  So with time being so valuable, why are we so quick to give it away.  Now I am not saying do not help others, but we need to give time to ourselves at least as much as we are willing to give it to others.  So from here on out, I want you to keep meetings with yourself as you would with someone else.  You would not cancel a meeting with your largest client or your boss. So respect yourself and your time just as much.  If you set a time to go to the gym, make that a priority.  If you set time to sit back, relax and read, go right ahead.  Just make sure that if you schedule time for yourself, you value it as much as you would with anyone else. 

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