Somehow we have been sold this lie that we are able to multitask and I can tell you, test after test after test has proven that we, as humans do not have the capability to do this.  If you have seen our other Weekly Wisdom you know at best you can partial task.  This all makes sense when we are talking about odd jobs or simple tasks but this creeps into some of the bigger parts of our lives.  We as humans are always looking for the next best thing or even just the next shiny thing.  We need to bring our focus back to the task at hand because if you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either.  Let’s start by catching one of the rabbits…you choose… then we can work on getting the second one.  You live life this way, you will constantly be making progress towards the goals you want vs constantly being worn out trying to run down the fast and elusive little rabbits!

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