This week we just finished bringing 200 students (age 15-24)  through our youth program (www.EagleU.com) and each year I am amazed at how badly these students need access to this information.  I am a product of this program as I first went through Eagle U when I was 15 and I have been volunteering my time ever since that first time I went through.  I was a lost high school student to now living the exact life I wanted.  

Giving Back

When it comes to the concept of “Giving Back” there is one of two ways you can do that, it is Time and/or Money.  The interesting thing about time and money is they both need to be managed the same so read through the rest and see secrets to managing time and money as they can both be interchanged in the statement below. 


Cheap people tend to not give much money/time at all.  It is not a question of how much money/time they have but it is a question of how well do they manage the money/time that they have.  This is why when we work with our clients about managing their money/time we always talk in terms of percentages.  So here is where I would challenge you to make a transformation, unlike anything you’ve done before. 


I will put my money/time where my mouth is by telling you that if you give, I will give.  Life Pulse has created an easy-to-do self-discovery program for you throughout the year to allow you to bring your one true self back to life.  We call this program Transform Your Self (TYS)  and we offer it to individuals all over the world for about $5000. We will take that program, cut the price DRASTICALLY, and then on top of that, we pay FULL tuition for one student (and you can select the student if you live) to attend Eagle U.

Currently all training events are sold out – Please contact us to apply/register for your training

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