As humans sometimes the scariest part of life is our first step but we have been created in a way that allows us to adapt as we need to get to the location we want.  The times when we are most afraid of the progress of movement is when we not only don’t know the path but are also unsure of the desired result. Because of that, I make sure that I spend time knowing the target and understanding the target because I then know where I can take my first step.

Think of a target, way far away, in the middle of the woods, there are trees everywhere. And there’s a target, all the way, let’s just say200 yards away…. But there are a bunch of obstacles, along the way. What do you do if you want to get that target? You have to step forward and re-adjust, re-adapt. Another thought, remember a maze, remember when you were a kid and you used to solve mazes? But, then it was a lot easier to work from the end back to the finish all the way till the end. And if you focus on the target, the path will tend to reveal itself. Keep your eye on the target and then start walking, take baby steps, little steps not big steps enough to make you fall in a ditch or you might hurt yourself. Take those baby steps and re-adjust and re-adapt yourself.


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