The Unbreakable Foundation

Imagine what it would be like to never be overwhelmed again! The video below shows just 1 of the MANY ways we show you how to build the exact foundation you want, without feeling overwhelmed.

With our Foundation program we have developed a 9 part program that you can walk through each week to make sure you are getting the most out of your weeks while getting what needs to be done.Life does not need to be hard.  Success does not need to be draining.  And freedom to live the life you want is just a choice.It all starts with building a foundation around one word: INTENTIONALITY

Get access to the first of our 4 part program that has ONLY been available for the largest clients we work with. You can access this now to enhance every part of your life.

Introduction to a new way of planning Life Pulse developed called “Reverse Planning” which allows you to increase effectiveness and engagement in all areas of your life.  Using this simple system, we will walk each attendee through how to implement what is taught in their life before the talk is over. The teachings in this keynote have helps audiences all over the world in the following ways:.

5 Take-A-Ways and Topics:

  • Purpose Driven Productivity– Teaching exactly how to connect every task they are doing
  • 15x Productivity – Gain 15 Hours a week to do whatever it is you want
  • Reverse Planning – a structure that allows you to get done all you need while ensuring you get to do all you want!
  • Plan Tomorrow Today – access the structure that ensures success relieves stress each day the night before.
  • Ultimate Execution – lessons learned by the Navy SEALs on how to best manage your priorities and maximize output for each 24-hour day.

BONUS if you act now:

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“This is something I never thought I would enjoy as much as I did. It is hard to keep my attention but Matt was able to. I cant wait to get my team on board. I already got LP's for everyone!"

Christy P - CEO Writer Girl & Associates

“My profits jump 40% when using this better believe it is worth every penny!”

Dr. Eric Bayliss - Corrective Chiropractic

“Engaging and empowering - the LP system will maximize the productivity in my life and the enhance the lives of people around me.”

Joe Perez - CEO Frontline

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