Mastering the LP – Online Course for Teams


Do you want to maximize your productivity in all areas of your life? Then this is the online course for you. Just like a hammer, there are many ways to use your Official LP tool. But when you learn the full scope of what this tool has to offer, it goes from being “good for something” to “good for everything”. That’s our hope for you with our Mastering the LP course – that you will understand how to apply this tool to every aspect of your life in order to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Total price so far: $499.00



This online course teaches you how to tailor our tool to literally create the life you want and find yourself living your best social, spiritual, physical, and professional life. You’ll have access to the entire course up front so you can go at your own pace but we will provide a recommended schedule as well for our more structured clients.