My Experience with Shawn’s Track

For someone like me who struggles getting to the gym, to my wife Maria who LOVES going to the gym, Shawn’s track will get you on the path you need to get the results you want…check out what it did to me…

I feel like we are good friends at this point since I already admitted how bad I am at working out and how much my wife whoops my butt in the gym.

Because of that, I wanted to give you something that we haven’t shared with the general public yet.  It’s a quick rundown of this Life Pulse Fitness Track actually works.  As you know by now, this is NOT private fitness coaching, although that’s massively beneficial and something we highly recommend.  This is so much more than that.  The Fitness Track is a framework that will help you get EXACTLY what you want in your fitness journey.

Shawn has set up 3 deep-dive exercises for you.  You will do one of these every 30 days.  These aren’t physical exercises, they are mental exercises that will get you thinking differently about your physical journey! Along with these 3 exercises, you will receive WEEKLY WISDOM clips from Shawn to help you stay on track with your fitness goals over the next 90 days (and beyond).  The tools taught here will work for a lifetime after these 90 days…we guarantee it.

We want you to live a balanced life.  We know you can’t devote all of your time to your fitness goals.  That’s why this track exists, to help you reach your fitness goals and live a balanced social, professional, and spiritual life too.  We want you to have it all.

I am kind of a nerd when it comes to goal setting so I like to do it and teach it.  But what I am SO PASSIONATE about is watching others achieve their goals. Really.  

I am only allowed to tell you about part of what he is going to do for you. But trust me, these exercises are life changing whether you are a gym-loather (like me) or gym-lover (like my wife).

I included a quick video I just shot after my workout to share with you a little more about the results I am seeing from being a part of the Fitness Track family.



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