Motivation Management for Individuals

Motivation Management developed for Individuals

The Motivation Management program is a transformative 90-day journey designed to boost your motivation and productivity. Participants will receive 26 targeted training videos, monthly group phone calls, free access to our Life Pulse Planner, and membership in an exclusive coaching group.

This comprehensive program offers flexible, expert-led learning, combining actionable insights with a supportive community to ensure you achieve personal and professional growth. Whether at home or on the go, you’ll have the tools you need to turn your aspirations into achievements.

What You Will Receive:

26 Impactful Training Videos: Released throughout the 90 days, each video is crafted to target key aspects of motivation and personal development, ensuring you have the knowledge to move forward.

Monthly Group Phone Calls: Connect directly with your mentor and peers in monthly calls that foster discussion, address challenges, and share successes.

Free Access to our LP Planner: Organize your goals, track your progress, and maximize your productivity with our exclusive Life Pulse Planner, included free with your program.

Exclusive Monthly Coaching Group: Dive deeper into your growth journey with access to our expert-led coaching group. This feature allows you to leverage additional support and insights to fully harness the benefits of the program.

Program Breakdown:

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation (Days 1-30)

  • Understand the principles of motivation.
  • Set clear, actionable goals using the LP Planner.
  • Begin weekly video lessons and community interactions.


Phase 2: Accelerating Progress (Days 31-60)

  • Deepen your understanding of motivational strategies.
  • Apply learnings in real-time with guided tasks.
  • Engage in your first group coaching call to refine your approach.


Phase 3: The 90-Day Goal Rush (Days 61-90)

  • Implement advanced motivational techniques.
  • Review and adjust your strategies with direct feedback.
  • Celebrate your achievements and plan next steps in the final group call.

Customer Feedback of Top 5 Take-A-Ways

Value Alignment: Recognizing and aligning actions with personal and professional values is crucial for sustained motivation.

Understanding Motivation: A deep understanding of what motivates individuals, including the mechanics and catalysts of motivation, enhances the ability to stay driven.

Adaptability and Growth: Embracing change and challenges as opportunities for growth is essential for maintaining motivation over time.

Actionable Steps: Implementing clear, actionable steps towards goals helps translate motivation into tangible outcomes.

Self-Reflection and Assessment: Regular self-reflection and assessment are vital for identifying areas of improvement and adjusting strategies for enhanced motivation.

Why Choose Motivation Management

Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned motivators who bring not only knowledge but real-world experience.

Flexible Learning: Access the training videos and materials at any time, from any place, fitting your busy schedule.

Community Support: Join a network of like-minded individuals who are on the same path to self-improvement.

Measurable Progress: With our tools and community, you can see your growth from day one to day ninety.

Ready To Start?

The journey to a more motivated, fulfilling life begins here. Sign up for the Motivation Management 90-Day Program and transform your approach to personal and professional challenges. Let’s make your goals a reality together.

Join us and be the driving force behind your success story!

Motivation Management for Individuals



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