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“While being in the staffing industry for over a decade, TYT is the best system I have experienced that can increase productivity, engagement, and communication among all generations. Managing Boomer, Gen X, or Millennials as well as bridging the Generational Gap are both made simple through following the TYT program.” – Alicia Dupree – Director Of Business Operations

Why Productive Teams Matter

Average employee who works an 8 hour day, stated they are only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes.


The economic consequence of employees globally being disengaged is approximately $7 Trillion in lost productivity.

$7 Trillion

Only 14% of employees know their company's goals, strategy, & direction.


85% of workers globally are not engaged or actively disengaged.


TYT impacts bottom line by increasing…


Organizations with highly engaged employees had an average 3-year revenue growth 230% greater than companies whose employees were only engaged at an average level.



Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company.



Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee per year.



Managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement and productivity.


We can save you $600K.

Here's how.

When we engage with a company, we dive in as if we are part of the company.  With our TYT program, we spend a full year working with the team.  That includes the research of top problems the organization is facing, follow up, and the four training modules.  But the biggest benefit that the client receives is that we will coach each attendee on exactly how to use our system throughout the year at any time.

For example, when we go into a Fortune 500 company or a company with a handful of employees, we are the ones that help every attendee understand the system and implement the system.  If they have any questions they do not need to go to the manager but instead they can come to us when it pertains to how they can use the system.  That is for business related questions or just personal use of the system.  It is like they have a personal coaching line straight to us to help them through implementation of the system.  We are onsite for just four days a year, but all attendees have access to us to via email, phone, and Zoom to be coached through their questions throughout the whole year-long engagement.

That is why many companies are eager to team up with us for a year, because the last thing a CEO or manager needs to do is pay us to come in and teach just so they have another job on their plate (implementation!).  All we ask of the CEO/Managers, is that you use it for yourself and then let us field any questions or issues.

As we work with each team in depth to fully understand their needs, we understand that each team we work with is unique.  By doing this,  we ensure a customized program that meets your team’s needs. We will offer you up to 1 hour of FREE consultation that will help you implement our proven systems and techniques to boost productivity in your workplace. This is REAL, FREE, CUSTOM training for your team.

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Who we work with


See how the busiest airport in the world moves 106 million travelers each year using what was taught through the TYT program.

See how Shantel Khleif experienced a direct growth in sales of $750,000 in just 1-year using what was taught through the TYT program.

See how Dr. Austin Cohen grew his business by 6 figures using what was taught through the TYT program.

See how Tracy Adkinson became more engaged in her work once her supervisor introduced her to the TYT program.

Watch how Chad Stott took his team & connecting personal goals with business goals to increase results almost overnight using what was taught through the TYT program.

See how Josh Buck has increased customer retention, employee retention, and a cohesiveness between multiple locations using what was taught through the TYT program

See how Mark Myrowich has enhanced employee engagement and fill in his weakness as a typical entrepreneur using what was taught through the TYT program.

Watch how Francis Fang explains how he now can live a fulfilled life and complete all responsibilities using what was taught through the TYT program.


Our goal is to IMPACT the overall productivity for our client organizations. Our clients are given the same 24-hour day as everyone else, but they get MORE out of those hours thanks to the TYT program. Check out the IMPACT below:

1000’s of individuals have been taught the TYT principles by the Life Pulse, Inc. team.


Attendees who implement the teachings of TYT can see a 1500% increase in productivity.


An organization who puts their team through TYT could see a $600k return on investment due to gain in productivity by attendees.


Each group your organization sends through TYT could gain an additional 360 hours of productive work, each week, without hiring more staff.

360 hours

“I expected increase productivity and profits which we received…but the MOST UNEXPECTED result that has come from this program is my team no longer uses the excuse ‘I Don’t Have Time’.”- Shantel K – CEO Imagine Media

TYT Structure & Strategy

The structure proven to work best so each attendee can be self-managed by the 4th session

  • We teach “how to do” vs “What to do!”
  • Full year relationship with your team
  • Attendees leave with personal plan.
  • Onsite, half day visits for session 1 – 4.
  • Up to 50 attendees per session.
  • Proprietary exercises and techniques.
  • Weekly check-ins by our team between sessions.
  • Easily self-implemented systems
  • Our system is adaptable to your organization & industry so you can keep doing what you do best…we just enhance the results!

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