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Life Pulse Workshops


Smartphones, time-wasting websites & gossip can cost U.S. companies an estimated $650 Billion A Year.

85% of people at work are NOT ENGAGED or
ACTIVELY DISENGAGED. 9 out 10 workers prefer to of interact in any other way than meetings because of LACK OF PERSONAL VALUE.

The FOUNDATION session is key to successfully implementing any system in your organization. After this program, your team will have a structure to be more intentional in all areas of their life, waste less time, and get more done with the time they have.

During the Session
Attendees will…
  • Gain an understanding of our customizable 9- part productivity system known as the LP. Walk through the systematic process of gathering thoughts prior to planning.
  • Apply the 9-part process to their own unique roles and situations.
  • Understand how to achieve success in all 4 of the “Vital Signs of Life”.
  • Practice using a tool that will help them tangibly see what’s important to those around them. Gain an understanding of what is happening in others’ lives with just one word.
  • Walk through the process of how the LP can be used to enhance communication with their teams both inside and outside of the work environment.
After the Session
Attendees will…
  • Gain 2-3 productive hours per day by implementing the LP system.
  • Be able to more quickly strategize how to overcome roadblocks to effectiveness.
  • Narrow down tasks effectively to boost focus and prodcutivity.
  • Feel more intentional each day that they use the LP system.
  • Communicate more effectively with their teams both inside and outside of the work environment.
  • Feel prepared and less overwhelmed for all team meetings and interactions.
  • Uncover issues with tasks & projects before they escalate.
  • Feel less stressed and more capable.
Ideal Audience
  • We have done this program with all levels of an organization, from entry-level employees to CEO and other members of the C-Suite
  • Up to 50 attendees per session
  • Attendees should be grouped into one of the following categories: No Management Role, Lower-level Management, Mid-level Management, Upper-level Management.
Session Structure
& Concepts
  • This is a half-day session (3 hours).
  • Ideally scheduled in the morning, but can be scheduled as time-permits.
  • LP – productivity planner given to each attendee to use in all areas of their life and used as a foundation for the rest of the TYT program.
  • LPI Vital Signs – The four areas of your life are used to gauge balance: Internal, Emotional, Physical, and Professional.
  • Weekly Wisdom – A weekly golden nugget that boosts productivity and success when applied to your week.

“Wow, I thought I had tried everything to motivate a team member of mine and it wasn’t until I learned the Motivate the Unmotivated process and started just following the simple system. Now this “average” producer did a full 180 and has become one of our top producers. Turns out, I was using the wrong carrot.”


What this session Is all About
The session is set up in order for you to immediately take the system taught and implement it right away.

We know what matters to you in a presentation because it matters to us too when we are the audience. We will show you what you need to do, use slight humor to keep you interested and leave you with the tools you need to immediately apply what you learned. Our keynote is broken up into a 4-part successful formula to motivate the person you want to motivate and make it easy to implement!

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