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Motivate the Unmotivated

Achieve the goal no matter the circumstance

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Can you think of someone
in your life that you have
trouble motivating?

Most of us can think of one person and for some of us, it’s ourselves. This person is usually someone we care about and someone we have invested a lot of energy in. But for some reason, when we try to motivate them it feels like we are just spinning our tires.

In this session, you will learn how to effectively work with others to get the results you both want. We will break this process down into a simple strategy you can implement today. As a leader, you want to motivate the people who look up to you, but it is difficult to find out what motivates them most of the time. Our simple and effective plan that will help you find the BEST and most SUSTAINABLE way to motivate those around you.

“We had the privilege of having Matt present to our chapter recently at our weekly Town Hall Meeting.  Matt was scheduled to speak for about a half-hour with some Q and A at the end.  He really dove into his material and spent well over an hour with us.  His energy and passion for sharing his material with us were evident.  Matt presents his program in simple, easy-to-follow terms and breaks down the action steps we as entrepreneurs need to follow to sustain motivation in ourselves and our organizations.     We had Matt back in November speak in person and he was great, really highly rated (9.5).  I wasn’t expecting a lot from a quick 30-minute talk, but Matt really knocked it out of the park.  I highly recommend to all chapters they take the time to bring Matt in for his Sustainable Motivation presentation. “ 

Mark Utech – Learning Chair EO Western NY

What We Will Cover
Topics discussed in this keynote includes:
  • Understand the Motivation Formula and how you can follow it to motivate even the most unmotivated.
  • Expose & overcome lies you’ve been told about the motivation that has caused you to increase your effort and lower your results without you even knowing!
  • Increase performance for yourself and your team through 3 simple tools that you can implement today.
  • Leverage Motivation Catalyst and Motivation Packages to allow each individual to outperform and motivate themselves allowing the organization to grow with the current team.
  • Personally discover how you can experience the value by combining intention and structure.
Case Study


Prior to Implementing LP Content:

New location was opening and CEO was concerned with managers performance on launch. 

After Implementing LP Content:

The CEO’s goal for the year was able to be hit in less then 90 days once the Motivation Management program was implemented. (Over 100 New Clients)

“Wow, I thought I had tried everything to motivate a team member of mine and it wasn’t until I learned the Motivate the Unmotivated process and started just following the simple system. Now this “average” producer did a full 180 and has become one of our top producers. Turns out, I was using the wrong carrot.”


What this session Is all About
The session is set up in order for you to immediately take the system taught and implement it right away.

We know what matters to you in a presentation because it matters to us too when we are the audience. We will show you what you need to do, use slight humor to keep you interested and leave you with the tools you need to immediately apply what you learned. Our keynote is broken up into a 4-part successful formula to motivate the person you want to motivate and make it easy to implement!

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