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Can you think of someone
in your life that you have
trouble motivating?

Most of us can think of one person and for some of us, it’s ourselves. This person is usually someone
we care about and someone we have invested a lot of energy in. But for some reason, when we try to motivate them it feels like we are just spinning
our tires.

In this session, you will learn how to effectively work with others to get the results you both want. We will break this process down into a simple strategy you can implement today. As a leader, you want to motivate the people who look up to you, but it is difficult to find out what motivates them most of the time. Our simple and effective plan that will help you find the BEST and most SUSTAINABLE way to motivate those around you.

<p>“Most motivational speakers motivate me for the short term but then that fades. With Matt, he does not just motivate but he taught my team how to motivate themselves and others. The results were instant and long-lasting”</p>
<h4>— C. DODDER</h4>

What We Will Cover
Topics discussed in this keynote includes:
  • Motivation Synapse — Understanding what causes people to be unmotivated or motivated.
  • Motivation Wall — Recognizing what is stopping you from motivating the people in your life
  • Motivation Catalysts — 5 catalysts of motivation that all people fall into. When found, and used properly, you will be able to motivate any individual
  • Motivation Packages — The key to motivating members of your team to take ownership of the goal and do what it takes to achieve to goal.
  • Motivation All-Star Make Up — Through research of over 100 of the most impactful motivators in history, there are specific traits that each motivator had in common which will be shared with the audience.
Who Should Attend
This session is for the MOTIVATOR who wants to help others achieve success.

This is not for someone trying to manipulate others to do what they want. We have found that the biggest take-away from the system and technique taught in this session is that this system can help ANYONE. This is for you if you want to motivate a/an…

  • BOSS
  • TEAM

“Wow, I thought I had tried everything to motivate a team member of mine and it wasn’t until I learned the Motivate the Unmotivated process and started just following the simple system. Now this “average” producer did a full 180 and has become one of our top producers. Turns out, I was using the wrong carrot.”


What this session Is all About
The session is set up in order for you to immediately take the system taught and implement it right away.

We know what matters to you in a presentation because it matters to us too when we are the audience. We will show you what you need to do, use slight humor to keep you interested and leave you with the tools you need to immediately apply what you learned. Our keynote is broken up into a 4-part successful formula to motivate the person you want to motivate and make it easy to implement!

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