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Build Your Intentional Week

The Foundation Needed To Increase Performance While Minimizing Stress.

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Can you think of a time where
intention was lacking and
needed a reboot?

We all have intentions but few know how to continually re-engage intention in order to achieve the goals that we desire. We all work hard but without an intentional week, our lives will drift in whatever way life pulls it. That’s usually not the way we want our life to pull. This keynote will show the audience how to gain an extra 15 hours of productivity each week.

ATTENTION: Do not make the assumption of “I’M GOOD!” when it comes to understanding this system.  That is an expensive and exhausting mistake to make.

“Matt, you presented an essential life skill that has eluded me most of my life. Your method is so natural and provides the opportunity for one to organize the chaos in a concise and simple way, then choose how best to execute while remaining in alignment with who I am, what’s important and adjusting the dance of balance. The world will be a better place from your work. Thank you.” 

-Austin Birch – Co-Founder Adventure Links

What We Will Cover
Topics discussed in this keynote includes:
  • Purpose Driven Effectiveness-  How to connect every task to purpose for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ultimate Execution – How to best manage your priorities and achieve maximum output for each 24-hour day, as learned from the NAVY SEALS.
  • 15x Productivity – How to gain 15-hours a week and finally have the time do the things you WANT.
  • Eliminate Excuses – How to eliminate the excuse and overwhelm that comes from feeling like there’s “not enough time”.
  • 4 Vital Signs of Fulfillment – How to recognize that lack of fulfillment is not due to current jobs or roles and how to use current roles as vehicles for living out their purpose
Case Study

Senior Account Manager

Prior to Implementing LP Content:

Each quarter, this manager’s team was producing around $300K in revenue with 20% profit. 

After Implementing LP Content:

Without adding any more resources, just using LP content, this same team was able to grow to over $600K the next quarter with 20%+ in profit. (Over $1M in Growth)

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