It seems that we are conditioned from birth to defend ourselves or at least convince others that our views are “right”. If you are not always right, how can someone else be wrong? We experience it almost everywhere with our families, at school or at work. If we are “proven wrong” we feel somehow lessened, defeated or even humiliated. 

We all have our own opinions on things – opinions that we believe to be right. These sometimes are the cause of disagreements, conflicts, and resentment. We need to give up the compulsion to be always right to be able to improve our relationships and become happier.

In order to stop the need to be right all the time, we need to recognize that acceptance is not the same as weakness. It is a sign of emotional maturity. Accept that you will never be able to change every opinion that you disagree with and always prioritize kindness. Opinions are influenced by circumstances, experience, and one’s background. You have to understand the reason behind it.

Changing your opinions doesn’t make you any less. We are all unique. We all make mistakes and it is okay. Start by being compassionate to yourself and you will feel much better.

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