There are reasons why you should just answer the question. The ability to communicate verbally is essential in almost all aspects of life. Communication is the act of giving, receiving, and sharing information. In other words, talking or writing, and listening or reading. Good communicators listen carefully, speak or write clearly, and respect different opinions.

 When answering questions it is imperative to know when to put the brakes on talking plays an important part in communicating.

Just answer the question. 

Here are four reasons why just answering the question is required.

  1. Time is valuable. Avoid elaborating your answers to a very simple question. If it is a question with a yes or no answer, just answer yes or no. Unless the person asks for a follow-up question or an explanation. This will save both of your time. 

  2. It’s inconsiderate to dominate airtime.

    Yes-or-no questions and I expect yes-or-no answers. An open-ended question expects some details but not too much detail. Especially when you are in a meeting, training, or workshop because there are agendas.

  3. A questionnaire or a person who asks questions, does not care about some details.

    Too many details especially when it is not necessary annoy others and they do not care about it. Sometimes in courts, lawyers will just say just answer the question because they simply do not care about the details.

  4. When a longer answer is required.

    There are questions that require longer answers. This will be the time to elaborate on information but make sure you are still answering the question. This usually happens during interrogation or investigation about something that happens, an incident for example. 

Reflect on your daily communication on how you communicate. Are you evading questions or answering questions with why instead of what. Start by just answering the question and it would save you time and trouble. Let us help you build effective communication within your team. This would start by just answering the question.

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