A car’s windshield and rearview mirror are two of its most important parts. But ever wonder why the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror. They are both mirrors but function differently. A windshield acts as a windbreaker which makes it easier for drivers to view the road and stay focused. The rearview mirror, on the other hand, allows you to view behind your car without moving your head, which encourages cautious driving. However, the fact that the windshield is larger and the rearview mirror is smaller has a deeper meaning than just being components of a car. 

Windshield and rear view are mirrors for how we should drive our lives

We are the drivers of our own lives, and when driving, we must keep our eyes on the road ahead of us rather than looking behind. It also emphasizes that we should focus on the future while remembering the lessons we’ve learned in the past.

Similar to driving a car where we concentrate looking through our windshield, our lives need clarity and visibility in what lies ahead. It needs to focus on the path we choose now over the path we took previously. In order to have a successful road trip, we should have a clear plan for where we are going. In addition, just as a clean windshield should be, our thoughts should also be as clean and free from negativities.   

Despite how positive we want our trip to be, problems will always come in the most unexpected situations. For this reason, the rearview mirror is designed to assist us in seeing not only what is in front of us, but also what is behind. In real life, this refers to considering our past in making decisions for our future to avoid mistakes we’ve made before. 

Furthermore, just as a car works best with these two mirrors, no one is wiser than someone who has been molded by the past and is prepared for the future.

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