We are the creator of our destiny therefore the creator should control the creation. Destiny is defined as the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. If your want to have a bright future you will create a plan for your life. This plan will be our blueprint to achieve what we want in the future.

This plan is our creation but sometimes this creation of ours controls us, the creator. Oftentimes we have a lot of confidence in the plan that we created that we follow every detail of it and we sometimes fail to evaluate if we are really on the right track. 

Plan as much as possible.

We have to sometimes consider that there are things that we cannot control. Plan as much as possible and then work in a focused direction. It is important to examine all the aspects of our lives both personal and professional. Then we plan accordingly to achieve happiness and success. But do not be controlled by the plan you have created. Set an allowance to adjust and re-examine your plan to be able to achieve your goals.

You need a plan to be able to figure out which direction to go. It will serve as your map and compass towards success and happiness. However, be mindful of your plan that it will not control your entire being. You have to regularly assess your plans as you move towards your goal. Assess, reassess and adjust. Change course if necessary.

You may change your plan but never your goal. You, the creator will control the creation. Never the creation will control the creator, always remember that. Don’t follow them just because you created them. Execute what works. 

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