The first step in motivation is knowing yourself first. The better you know yourself, the better you can motivate others. In motivating others. You can’t motivate someone until you understand them. Since motivation starts with you, you must know how to motivate yourself first and foremost. 

Do not be a hypocrite and try to motivate others when you can’t even motivate yourself. You need to be honest with yourself. In this way, you can genuinely understand others and would know how to motivate them because you tried it first hand. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Let your actions do the talking. Consequently, motivating others would not be that impossible if not easy.

Motivation makes things happen. It fuels your drive to become a better version of yourself. Moreover, it can help you deal with life when it throws curveballs at you. Here are some ways to motivate yourself and others.

  • Connect to your values.

Authentic motivation comes from your core values. It is the anchor of your personality and your core fundamental driving force.

  • Find your WHY

Discover your compelling purpose. 

  • Change your WHY

Sometimes just shifting your why can light the fire.

  • Change your HOW

Find a way to make your tasks more enjoyable by shifting from getting them done to doing them right.

  • Remember the feeling.

When you feel good, you find your motivation faster.

  • Shift to past, present or the future

The beauty of shifting tense is you can visualize a more compelling future, or remember a more enjoyable past.

  • Find a meaningful metaphor

The most powerful thing you can do is find a metaphor that connects to your values.

  • Take action

Simple as do it. Action often comes before motivation.

  • Link it to good feelings

Find a song that will make you feel good and play it when you are doing something that you don’t like to do. 

  • Impress yourself first

Connect your passion to the work and set your internal bar and make it your drive.

  • Choose

Decide on your choice and choose wisely.

  • Pair up

Pair up with somebody who complements your skill or who can mentor you and get you over the humps.

  • Change your question

To change your focus, change the question.

  • Fix a time for eating, sleeping, and working out

One simple way to improve results here is to find a routine for eating, sleeping, and moving or working out that supports you.

  • Play to your strengths

Spending more time on your strengths helps you renew your energy and find your flow.

Start within you. Know yourself better first. In this way, you can better motivate others because you have known yourself first then you can understand and empathize with others. Let us help you on this journey. 

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