Did you know that unresolved regrets can cause stress? Regret is a negative emotion. It occurs when a person believes his or her past actions or behaviors if changed, may have achieved a better outcome. Regret is often closely associated with feelings of guilt and shame. 

In general, regret can be characterized by negativity about the past or a particular event in the past. It tends to be a long-lasting emotion. Dealing with regrets is even more difficult because of the other negative emotions connected to it: remorse, sorrow, and helplessness. As a consequence, regret can increase our stress. Stress negatively affects physical health. It can throw off the balance of hormones and immune systems. Regret is not only unpleasant, it is unhealthy.

Accept, acknowledge, and forgiveness

There is power in acknowledging your thoughts and feelings, it can bring relief from negative emotions. The method called cognitive reappraisal is the method of noticing and then restructuring your thoughts. Seeing the situation in a different way may help reduce regret and help you make future decisions. 

Another step you need to undertake is forgiving yourself for actions taken or not taken is a powerful step toward overcoming regret. Which was formalized into a commonly used cognitive psychological model called REACH. This model asks people to Recall the hurt, Empathize, Altruistically offer forgiveness, Commit publicly and finally Hold on to that forgiveness. You have to stay true to your decision. 

More knowledge equals less regret

In decision-making, you need to gather more knowledge before coming up with a decision. Especially in making future decisions, you have to recognize the importance of obtaining as much information about opportunities as possible. In doing so you can overcome regrets and move forward. 

You have to resolve your regrets as soon as possible and learn to move forward to free yourself from stress and maintain a healthy body and mind. 

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