Failure is such a wonderful teacher. Every time you fail, it will give you two choices: to stay down or to get up. It is not actually your failure that defines you, but it is what you do after you fail. Don’t look at failing as the end of your dream but as an opportunity for you to do better. However, this generation is very lucky to have access to different success stories. It does not only motivate but also help you learn from others’ mistakes. 

Success is a mindset  

Success stories shared by successful people aim to inspire. It teaches that no matter where we are in life or what we are up against, there is always a reason to be optimistic about the future. And the best thing about their stories is they give us ideas on how to succeed and what are the things to do in order to avoid failure. Yes, you have read it right, we can avoid failure. This means that you don’t have to hit rock bottom to be successful.

Although failure is not the opposite of success, it is nonetheless a part of it. This implies that you can hope to achieve your goals without failing, but you must also prepare yourself for the possibility of failure. For all we know, nothing is more crucial than a soldier’s preparedness for battle. It gives you more confidence than just aiming to succeed while fearing defeat.

Moreover, what I am trying to break is the common belief that success is inextricably linked to failure. Be inspired by successful people but also aim to inspire others in the future. Learn from them but do not just copy their journey. Be ready and willing to experience failure but do your best to avoid failing. Try to challenge yourself in breaking the common perception that success comes with failure.

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