True conviction refers to a deeply held belief or strong determination to adhere to one’s principles, values, or goals, regardless of external circumstances or convenience. In essence, it means staying committed to what one believes is right, even when it becomes challenging or inconvenient to do so.

There are ways to commit to real and lasting change as enumerated by Tony Robbins. First of, you need to commit to change.  The only person capable of changing your life for the better is you. However, fear is another factor that is holding you back. Here are some ways to overcome your fears.


  • Eliminate self-doubt.

Eliminating negative beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones is the first step toward how to change your life.

  • Conquer your fear of failure.

The key to following through when you’re committed to change is to fight off your fear of failure.

  • Model someone who inspires you.

Find someone who has achieved the results that you want. 

  • Change your patterns.

Successful people achieve repeated success because they’ve found something that works – a formula, strategy or tactic – and they’ve adjusted these patterns to work for them instead of against them.

  • Write it down.

Writing something down is a powerful way to tell yourself you’re going to make something happen. They aren’t just words in your mind anymore. They’re words on paper, a list you can look at again and again.

  • Commit to massive action.

Push yourself to take the first step, which is the hardest step to take.

  • Take the first step.

Start thinking about what you want your life to look like. Take the first step towards it. 

When you want to change something in your life you will face challenges and struggles. It is your true conviction that will propel you forward. Conviction is often tested when faced with difficult choices or when external pressures tempt individuals to compromise their beliefs for the sake of ease or personal gain. However, those who possess true conviction will remain steadfast and resolute, refusing to compromise their integrity or principles, regardless of the potential benefits that may come from taking an easier path.

True conviction has nothing to do with convenience emphasizes that genuine conviction is not swayed or influenced by the ease or difficulty of the circumstances. It implies that true conviction requires inner strength and an unyielding commitment to what one believes is right, irrespective of convenience or personal comfort.

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