What is destination addiction and why it can steal your happiness? Everybody has goals and dreams. To be able to attain these goals we figure out a plan and work it out until we get what we want. But when we were already at that stage we were still not happy, instead, we focus on the next goal that we needed to achieve. This is called destination addiction or disorder. We believe that happiness lies ahead so we keep on chasing those dreams and believe unless we live that dream we can’t be truly happy. Everyone fails to realize that we can be happy now.


Ever think of a time in the past, when we were younger and we were happy with simple things. Why not, do it now. We can still be happy with simple things, celebrate small wins, and be happy. This doesn’t mean that we can be content and stop pursuing our goals. If we can be happy now, then be happy now and happily anticipate future achievement. Live in the moment and cherish every memory.


How can you be happy now?


Create a right here, right now list. This is all about creating and developing a habit   

Of showing gratitude for the right here, right now, and acknowledging the present moment.


Here is a guide. 

  1. The things that are bringing you joy right here, right now.
  2. The lessons that you are learning right here, right now.
  3. What do you love about yourself right here, right now?


The guide above is just a simple step for you to take to be grateful and be happier. This is one of the features of our LP planner. Every planning week we will jot down the things that we are grateful for or our gratitude. In this way, while we are doing the planning we have a grateful heart and this will make us happy. Do not let destination addiction steal your happiness. Planning LP-way makes you happier, grateful and you will not have the destination addiction disorder and you will enjoy more out of life. Living a more intentional and fulfilled life is after all our mission. 

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