This is a good question, right? Especially for upcoming entrepreneurs. A great company is often characterized by several key factors that contribute to its success and positive impact. We, at Life Pulse Inc, firmly believe that to be able to be a great company we need to have a good system and good people.

Good System + Good People

A great company is indeed a combination of a well-designed system and the people who work within it. A good system refers to the structures, processes, and strategies that are in place within a company. It involves creating efficient workflows, effective communication channels, and clear roles and responsibilities. 

Good people, on the other hand, encompass the employees, leaders, and stakeholders who contribute to the company’s growth and achievements. They bring their skills, knowledge, expertise, and commitment to the table. Having the right people in the right roles is crucial for a good company.

Well, this is good if we are living in a perfect world, but we are not. Edward Demins once said, “A bad system will beat a good person every time.”  Whether you’re just starting out or already established, you must plan business process management systems. Your company’s success or failure depends on how your system interacts with other operations and duties. With that being said, you have to always make the effort to constantly optimize and improve your business systems. 

If your current system needs evaluating, here we lay down some signs that you need to know so you can revamp.

  • You constantly put out fires. 

  • You have too many manual processes. 

  • Procedures take forever to complete. 

  • Important tasks fall through the cracks. 

  • Activities often get lost in translation. 

  • You lack continuity between departments. 

  • Client requests just sit on your desk. 

  • Data governance is a joke. 

  • Employees aren’t aligned with company goals.

When a good system is complemented by a team of skilled and motivated individuals, it enhances the company’s ability to achieve its goals. It can also deliver value to stakeholders and adapt to changes in the business environment. Therefore, good people and a good system make up a great company. We can help you set up a good system and transform your people to be good ones if they are not yet. 

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