Ever wonder if there is a motivation formula. What if, there is. What is the motivation formula? In the book, Motivating the Unmotivated motivation formula is discussed all over the book. The motivation formula is you plus them multiply with the system equals the result.

(You + Them) x System = Results

The first part is the “YOU”, this one focuses on the motivator and how would you interact with the people you want to motivate. The next one is the “THEM”, this is the consideration of the things that you should assume and know going into any situation. This is finding out what someone wants deep down. The third one is the “SYSTEM”, where we dig deep and zoom in on the set of principles and procedures where the motivator and motivatee inhabit. The “RESULTS”  is the outcome or the action being taken by the one who was being motivated. 

The ability to motivate the unmotivated effectively comes from understanding each parqt of the Motivation Formula and how to utilize it in unison with the other elements.  You are the most important part of the motivation formula You have to focus first on yourself. Let’s not be a hypocrite in doing motivation. It starts within. If you want to motivate someone to do something you must first be doing that thing. 

Knowing “Them’

Knowing them is the next part of the equation. You need to invest time and effort to know the other person. What makes them tick. Understand that they have not broken that need to be fixed sometimes a little bit of adjustment will do the trick. But to achieve this you need to have a good grasp of their situation and their personality.

It is also equally important to know and understand the system. How things work together. This is vital in obtaining the desired result. Systems impact us internally by giving us freedom and peace. Therefore, the system depends largely on the input. If you have a good input you will have a good output. This structure is vital for a motivation to succeed.

The motivation formula is a guide and tool that we all can use to motivate the unmotivated. Knowing and really understanding each variable in the formula will lead us to successfully motivate the unmotivated. 

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