As humans, we’ve been hearing this “trust your gut or listen to your instincts”. As a way of encouraging us when we’re in a certain situation. But how do we define gut or instincts? And what does it actually mean? Or how do we do it? 

Gut or instinct or intuition as defined by Emily on her personal blog is your immediate understanding of something that doesn’t need to think over or get an opinion of – you just know. It means that it’s a personal connection within you and no one can weigh you and that you alone should make the call; that right there is an act of trusting yourself. 

This gut feeling that we’ve always had has been questioned, so here are three reasons why you should trust your gut or intuition. 

  • Your intuition is shaped by your past experiences, and your existing knowledge which you gained from them 

  • Your gut or intuition is encoded in your brain like “a web of fact and feeling”.

  • It connects you with all the nerve cells in your body. 

 On the other hand, if you’ve mastered knowing and trusting your guts or intuitions, you would feel confident and at ease with it. However, there are still obstructions that make come along the way that hinders the magic of trusting your guts, here are some of them: 

  • Overthinking
  • “Shoulds”
  • Prejudices and Unconscious Biases 
  • A loved one’s or authority figure’s need/want/opinion/advice
  • When you badly want something 
  • Previous trauma or abuse in childhood 

Trusting your gut instincts or intuition is a personal connection within your inner soul. Practicing to comprehend what it does say to you. It takes a while but the key factor to master it is to just listen closely. Meditation can also be an option so you can give more attention to its power. You’ll also receive a more accurate response through your inner being physically, psychologically, and spiritually. 

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