In order to build discipline, you need to plan your day the night before. Building discipline is not a piece of cake but it can be done. You have to practice the PTT or the “Plan Tomorrow, Today”. Planning is the key to success in everything you do. If you want to be more productive and get more things done, you must learn this skill.

It is important to build self-discipline. Self-discipline is defined as the ability to control yourself and to make yourself work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell you what to do. It’s how you get yourself to do what needs to be done to move forward and excel in life. As Jim Rohn said, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” 

Planning the day the night before

The first step in building self-discipline is planning the day the night before. Here are some benefits and advantages why you need to plan your day.

  • More proactive. 

If you have planned your day ahead you’ll become more proactive rather than reactive. You know what your activities are for the day and if something comes up you can adjust accordingly. In this way, you can have a productive day. 

  • Sleep better.

When you transfer everything in your head to a paper by writing them down and planning it out you are freeing your mind of baggage. In doing so you can have a peaceful good night’s sleep. 

  • Wake up with a definite purpose

Since you have laid down your activities and priorities for the day, you will wake up with a definite purpose. This will also help you not to tap on that snooze button. This will keep you excited and get moving.

  • Become more productive

Obviously, this is the reason why we plan. With planning, you will know what is important and take action to get it done. Hence, you simply become a more productive person. 

  • More accountable

Writing down your goals will help you become more accountable and committed to them. Your mind knows this when you write it down. It makes you more committed to a certain task and you will become more accountable.

What are you in doubt about, with all those benefits and advantages mentioned above? Start planning your day tonight and reap the results.

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