Time-multipliers are the key to getting things done. But wait, what are time multipliers? We only have 24-hours in a day and we wish we could multiply time so we can accomplish more. 

Time-multipliers are not extra hours in your 24-hour day. This is how you strategically spend your time so you can get more done. A time multiplier is a strategy or tool that creates more free time for you in the future. 

Take it from Abraham Lincoln he said, “If you had six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”. To be able to accomplish more, you have to have the right tools and make sure these are sharpened, it has proven to do the job well. You have to carefully plan tasks and prioritize them accordingly. Like if you are preparing a proposal for a client, better to send it the first hour in the morning so they still have the chance to check it and get back to you within the day this will also give you an advantage.

Guides and questions from rescuetime that will help you do the time-multiplier.

  • Can you eliminate this task?

There are tasks that are on your to-do list that can be eliminated. Start with saying no to tasks that are not relevant to your goals or just some stupid additional tasks that will eat up your time.

  • If you can’t eliminate it, can you automate it? 

Consider taking advantage of technology and applications. There are tons of applications now that would automate tasks that will save you a bunch of time and not to mention stress.

  • Can it be delegated (or can you teach someone else how to do it?)

If this is possible in your situations then try to teach your staff or your assistant those tasks that they can do instead of you. Oftentimes we lack trust in others that they can perform the task that is why we are afraid to delegate it.

  • Does this task need to be done now? 

If you have a task that needs to be passed on to someone after you are done. You need to prioritize these tasks so you can hand them early and in turn, your team becomes more productive.

Truly, time-multipliers are the key to getting things done. Try applying this strategy in your daily tasks now and be more productive. Consider using a good planner and have those time-multipliers best works for you.

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