Fundamental is the basic and it serves as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function. Moreover, they are so critical. People assumed everyone understands the truth and rarely discussed it. Everything in a given discipline relies upon the fundamentals. It is the foundation from which all amazing achievements are derived. Great scientists and artists alike rely on the basic skills to achieve perfection. It already exists.

Learning a new skill.

In learning a new skill or a new sport or anything you want to endeavor, you have to start with the basics. Starting from these primary steps is no fun, it’s hard and it is overwhelming. A good coach or trainer must be able to dissect the subskills and identify the fundamental skill. This fundamental skill isn’t new anymore, this is the core of whatever it is that you want to do.

It is essential to know and learn these fundamentals to achieve success in whatever goals. We can innovate or improve after we learn the fundamentals. It is the foundation. 

We have to master the fundamentals and dedicate our time and effort to practicing the basics to become a master of them. Implementing this is not easy because these are boring kinds of stuff. This will test our patience and perseverance.  One of the fundamental things that we teach here in Life Pulse Inc is using a planner to help us carry on with our daily activities and be able to achieve success.

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