Let us know the difference between disagreements and dysfunction. Keep in mind though that disagreement doesn’t mean there is dysfunction. Disagreements happen when you differ in opinion, ideas, or anything that you are not on the same page with. Dysfunction on the other hand happens when there is an abnormal or impaired functioning. You can have disagreements but still functions well.


We are unique individuals with different backgrounds and cultures therefore disagreements are inevitable. We usually differ in our viewpoints in the workplace, in social media even at home but that doesn’t mean we are dysfunctional. In fact, it is healthy because it will give you an alternative way of seeing the situation. 

We do not need to agree with someone’s opinion or viewpoint, we just have to respect them. Respect the freedom of others to express their opinion. Just agree to disagree.

The situation becomes dysfunctional when you let it affect you and how you treat others. When someone disagrees with you do not need to treat them differently. We need to openly listen to others and show respect for their opinions and viewpoints. Treat them well. So, you will be treated well in return. This way you can still have a harmonious relationship.

Bear in mind, to express your disagreement with respect. Speak clearly and with a considerate manner, do not yell or use foul words. Stay on the topic and do not attack the other person personally. Remember to be kind always.

If you want to avoid dysfunction in your organization, let us help.

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