If you want to win the game, stop focusing on the score instead play the game. Warren Buffet said, “Games are won by players who focus on the field, not the ones looking at the scoreboard.” Do not focus on the scoreboard, since the final measurement isn’t taken until the end of the game. Concentrate all your energy in playing the game well.

Bear in mind that you play the game until the whistle blows. The game doesn’t end until it ends. Staring at the scoreboard before then is a waste of time and a waste of energy. It also says nothing about what will be the final score.

Do not focus on the scoreboard

Do not allow the number to consume you. Spend your time and energy on focusing on playing well. Taking the necessary actions and running the plays that may actually result in you opening opportunities, winning them and putting something up on the board. 

Take Warren Buffet’s advice to win, you need to up your game skills instead of worrying about the score. In this world of uncertainty, people are constantly looking to see what others are doing and second-guessing themselves. 

Focusing on the scoreboard makes you lazy and confused. When you look at the scoreboard it only tells you what’s happening at the moment you look at it. It has no ability to tell you what will happen next. So it is not wise to decide what you’ll do based on something that only tells you what’s happening now. Instead, pay attention to your form and technique at every moment so you could strategize on how to win the game.

Do not be tricked by staring at the scoreboard constantly. You will just set yourself up for failure. It can manipulate you and lead you to do poor choices. This will lead you to give up when you feel behind and you tend to get lazy when you’re ahead. Look at the playing field as the place where the moves you make actually change the game. Play the game well and the score will follow.

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