Stop overestimating what you can do short term & underestimating what you can do long term underscores the importance of adopting a realistic and balanced perspective when setting goals and expectations. This principle encourages individuals to recognize the limitations of short-term efforts while acknowledging the substantial potential for growth and achievement over the long term. 

Setting realistic and achievable short-term goals is important to avoid undue stress and disappointment, this is short-term realism. Overestimating what can be accomplished in the immediate future may lead to burnout or frustration.

Long-term optimism is the belief that things will improve in the long run. It is a positive outlook on the future, often based on past successes or positive developments.

Ultimately, finding the right balance between short-term realism and long-term optimism is key. It involves setting achievable short-term goals while maintaining a broader vision for the future. By understanding and appreciating the potential for growth over the long term, individuals can navigate their journeys with patience, resilience, and a sense of perspective.

So, if you’re feeling optimistic about the long-term, that’s great! Use that energy to take action and make progress towards your goals. But remember to focus on consistency and long-term planning to ensure that you achieve lasting success.

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