Life is like traffic lights. This is why it is important to recognize the traffic lights of life to avoid disasters. There are three things to consider when making life decisions. These are the right time to go when to slow down and the appropriate phase to stop. Like a traffic light. 

The traffic light that we encounter almost every day also teaches us a lesson. It goes beyond “Red means Stop, Yellow Means Get Ready, Green Means Go! Here are some lessons that we can learn from traffic lights.

  • An attempt to please everybody is a recipe for disaster.

Traffic lights’ main duty is to regulate the flow of traffic, so at a point, a section of the vehicles must stop for others to move and vice versa. It does not care about the urgency of each driver. If its function is to please every driver every time, it would be a total disaster. This is also true in life we can’t please everybody at the same time. We need to choose whom to stop and whom to give the green light to. This is not easy but it needs to be done. This is why we need to choose our friends and the people we surround ourselves with.

  • Shortcuts will cut your life short.

Crossing the red light might come across as fun or being smart, but no matter the reason you might have it is still wrong. This shortcut can lose your life or others. It can result in a vehicular accident that may shorten your life or others.

  • Fairness is key to achieving peace and harmony.

Life in itself is unfair but that doesn’t mean you have to be unfair as well. In life, in order to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy, you must learn to treat all men fairly. The traffic light operates on the principle of fairness. The drivers have to wait for their turn irrespective of how quickly they want to reach their destination or the prize tag on their vehicles. The traffic light won’t change its operation to suit the desires of those who push the latest cars in town!

Remember that, good things are waiting for you. Listen to your heart. Recognize the traffic lights in your life. When you are able to find out these things you will avoid unnecessary disasters in life.  Don’t let the fear of losing stop you from giving your best.

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