This generation tends to be more exhausted than those previous generations. Time seems to tick too fast and often invalidates people’s right to slow down. Our advanced technology gives us the mindset to always strive to be ahead which leads us to work the hardest. And this, however, results in more stress and compromised health.

Take a break and remember that transitioning takes time

PTSD is more prevalent today than it was during World War I or World War II. One of the most obvious reasons is that they had enough time to return to their home countries, which served as a transition from the battlefield to normal life. In comparison to today, we are given a two-day off and are expected to perform to the best of our abilities the moment we log in.

The world is in a hurry, and people must constantly speed up and never slow down. Social media exacerbates the problem by demonstrating how most people achieve their goals by working nonstop. Whether true or not, these types of social media posts really do instill in people that it is acceptable to be exhausted and drained if it means accomplishing something.

Nevertheless, in today’s fast-paced world, slowing down is a better idea. Indeed, we are all driven by our goals in life but it does need to compromise our health. Also, it does not need to exhaust ourselves to the point where we no longer enjoy what we’re doing. We must recognize that we need a break and it needs some time to re-enter where we were.

Furthermore, in order to address this concern, we must practice organization and systematic thinking. We should be aware of our annual goal and align it with our quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily objectives. This will be extremely beneficial in avoiding cramming as our deadline approaches. Besides that, this will teach us how to achieve our weekly goal in only 32 hours, which means we still have time to adjust on Mondays.

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