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*** As a past learning chair and board member for years, Matt works with each Learning Chair and offers a proven marketing package that will get attendees to each event and ensure each event Life Pulse is a part of, reaches a rating of a 9 or above.***

Life Pulse, Inc.

Connecting INTENTION + STRUCTURE to get the desired results.

Through individualize coaching and workshops, we show individuals & organizations how to maximize bandwidthincrease motivation, while minimizing stress

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The work-from-home imperative that began in 2020 will have lasting implications for companies juggling both corporate and employee needs. Meeting both corporate financial goals and individual goals can feel like a mismatch of manager expectations and team wants. How does an organization drive growth and profit while giving their teams more freedom, more choices, and more flexibility?
In a recent study, 40% of supervisors and managers expressed low self-confidence in their ability to manage workers remotely and are skeptical that staff can stay motivated over the long term. Life Pulse’s Bridging the Gap program delivers the linkage needed by integrating Structure and Intention to power both corporate and personal performance. These are taught through 2 separate Keynotes/Workshops with a highly interactive events keeping audiences and participants engaged, enlightened and, intrigued by this new look on how to increase performance in yourself and others. Each attendee will go through their on personal journey during these events to experience to following, plus more, in the following two events.
Motivate the Unmotivated – How to achieve any goal regardless of external circumstances. (Based on #1 International Best seller – Motivate the Unmotivated: A Proven System for Sustainable Motivation)
Building Your Intentional Week – Maximizing bandwidth while minimizing stress on a weekly basis – (Based on #1 International Bestseller – The Intentional Week)
By working directly with Learning Chairs, we have been able to consistently receive 9+ratings at all of our events and we offer full packages with all of the marketing material needed for a Learning Chair to achieve the high rating each event should have. (We give this to Learning Chairs too so they can use with other speakers as well.)
Through our unique style of experiential teaching, both business owners and their managers who attend are able to gain increased awareness of the connection between personal intention and work, increased engagement and productivity, improved generational and team-wide communication, and a better ability to thrive through change and growth.
Unlike other programs focused solely on motivation, everything we do is tied directly to ROI, with a focus on the right structure and intention to obtain specific results for a minimum of one professional goal in each plan.
""Matt, you presented an essential life skill that has eluded me most of my life. Your method is so natural and provides the opportunity for one to organize the chaos in a concise and simply way, then choose how best to execute while remaining in alignment with who I am, what’s important and adjusting the dance of balance. The world will be a better place from what your work. Thank you."

Austin Birch - Co-Founder Adventure Links ( DC Chapter)

There are 3 ways we engage with chapters world-wide...

Truth is constant...but the application can change.

Because of this, we have developed two tracks for our clients to choose from where truth is applied in two different ways. We can customize each as needed to fit your chapter's size or budget. The choice is yours. Either way you can find an experience that strengthens your Chapter members.

Follow these three steps:

Step 1: Select the track you want your team to follow.

The Top Rated Event which is a combination of the two tracks is:

The Solution to Combine Structure and Intention to Ensure Your Desired Results

Imagine a day where your team has no excuses to give when it comes to performing at their highest level. During this Keynote, the audience will experience the key technique of using structure to re-engage intention and ensure they are performing at the highest level they possibly can.

Discovering Intentionality

Build an Unbreakable Foundation to Thrive Through Growth and Change

Motivation Management

A proven system for sustainable motivation.

Todd Wilkins

"Matt did an excellent job teaching the importance of an Unbreakable Foundation. The system is easy to use & allows all people to positively impact their life, as well as the lives of those around them. Efficiencies will be gained quickly, I would recommend the workshop to anyone!"

Dr. Samaira Dumpson

"I love what I do and I love where I work but I was starting to see that it was time to move on. Once we started implementing what was taught during the Motivation Management Program, I am not only out performing myself, but I can see myself staying with this company forever!"

Click image above to read more about the Unbreakable Foundation...

Click image above to read more about the Unbreakable Foundation...

5 Topics & Take-A-Ways

5 Topics & Take-A-Ways

**Content Based on #1 International Best Seller**
The Intentional Week
**Content Based on #1 International Best Seller**
Motivate the Unmotivated

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Step 2: Select the Format that Makes Sense for Your Chapter
Remember, truth is constant but application changes. Because of that, no two programs are the exact same as no two clients are the same. We customize our content to your team's needs and teach our principles in alignment with your business.
No matter which track you select, you can select any of the three options below for your chapter: Keynote - Half Day - Workshop - Full Day Workshop

Keynote Speech

Time Needed: 45-90 min
Crowd Size: Unlimited

Take the audience through an interactive journey showing them how to apply content in order to get the results they want in both their life and business.

Half/Full Day Workshop

Time Needed: 3 hours
Crowd Size : Unlimited

Walk your team carefully through the content as they apply it to their lives throughout the workshop in order to get the results they want in both their life and business.

Virtual/Remote Workshop

Time Needed: 90 Minutes
Crowd Size: Unlimited

We have found ways convert any of our in person training programs into a digital/virtual training session. Everything from our Keynotes to our Workshops can be done remotely.


Our goal is to fill our schedule as soon as possible. If you are the first to book us for that month, you will get the lowest rate we can offer for your program. After our consultation, we will offer you a customized version of one of our four formats. The rate will depend on what that entails.

Our goal is to create the program you need to get the exact results you desire. Schedule your FREE consultation now!

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Learn more about

Matt Granados & Life Pulse, Inc.

About Matt Granados

Over the last decade, Matt has tested, developed and helped thousands of others implement an effective and easy to duplicate system that will help you build an unbreakable foundation for your life as well as motivate even the most unmotivated individuals in your life.

Using these concepts Matt has been able to do the following:
With over 10 years and 10,000 hours of studying, using, and teaching these concepts, Matt is considered to be an expert on teaching individuals how to build an unbreakable foundation for themselves as well as their organization, along with how to properly manage motivation.

Matt is happily married to his wife and business partner (Maria) and has two amazing kids (Natalie & Zach). The drive behind Matt is his obsession to make sure no person's potential is wasted and that each person he comes in contact with, if they want, is able to experience their maximum level of success.

About Matt Granados

Every organization is made up of unique human beings. However, much of the communication and training in the workplace is uniform across the board. It is unwise to use cut and paste incentives and strategies, and then expect them to fit perfectly for each person on our team.

The reality is, people need two personalized things to sustain growth: an unbreakable foundation and motivation that sticks. But motivation and foundation look different for each person. Our goal is provide a framework that uncovers each of these two things in a way that moves team members to action and is simple to implement for the top level.

Our focus is on transforming businesses by transforming lives first. We help individuals connect their unique purpose to their company’s goals, creating a mutually beneficial and effective relationship. Individuals and teams that take part in our training or use our resources, see drastic improvements in the following categories:

Production - Engagement - Communication Effectiveness - Adaptability - Loyalty

Whether you are looking for an individual tool to get yourself started or a life-changing program for your entire team, you can find it here with us. We are committed to helping as many people as possible crack the code to living intentionally so individuals and business thrive.

Currently all training events are sold out – Please contact us to apply/register for your training