In this digital age, everything and everybody is embracing the digital solutions of almost anything. But we, at Life Pulse go against the grain. In doing our daily and weekly planning because we are backed with the truth. We recommend you use a planner, an LP planner in plotting those plans in achieving your goals. Although there are a lot of digital planners and other software or applications that serve the same purpose. But they are not as effective as having a pen and paper and actually writing.


What are the benefits of using a physical planner?


Let me share with you some benefits of using a physical planner versus using a digital planner.

  1. You remember things better. When you write, it stimulates certain brain cells at the base of the brain to increase focus. A study conducted by the Dominican University of California found that people who wrote down their goals. Shared them with others and maintained accountability were 33% more likely to achieve them versus those who just formulate their goals in their heads.
  2. You’re more motivated. When you are writing, you are able to clarify your thoughts and you can also think of the precise action to take. When you write it down in your own words it is easy for you to retain it in your head. Plus, you will always be reminded because you need to open and write in your planner every day.
  3.  Reduced Stress. In Japan, they see a paper-based planner as a mind-clearing ritual. 

Writing your intentions down will make them more real, concrete, and powerful. 

Bruce Rhoades


Naturally, we are more likely to cling to physical things rather than digital because they are tangible. Remember to always put your LP planner on your desk or wherever visible for you so you will always be reminded to use it.


Cultivate the habit of opening and really writing in your planner and you will be amazed at the impact it will give in your life. Start by clicking this link and grab your LP PLanner now. start that change now and gradually make it a habit. Remember, only go against the grain when your action is backed up by truth.

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