We want to help you kick off this journey with some insight from our Co-Founder, Matt Granados, on how the system works and how to best use it in your life. We truly believe that if you change your day, you can change your life. It starts today, it starts right here.  Grab a pen, grab your LP and check out the video above.  Once you wrap up the video, check out the text to the right of this video.  We have set up an opportunity for you to master this system and live your most fulfilled life in every area...from your career to your relationships!

We are always available to answer any question you can’t find the answer to, so don’t hesitate to email me:  Looking forward to starting this journey with you!



Did this video get you excited to dive into your LP? We LOVE seeing new people join the LP family and change their life by simply changing their week!  This next step is the one you’ll want to take if you want to if you want to MASTER the system that transforms lives and…


  • Understand the science behind the system…
  • Customize the program to your needs…
  • Learn how to teach the system to others…
  • Maximize results of the system…
  • Increase productivity by 15x (ROI of Time)…
  • Finish your day by noon, and…
  • Live life with more fulfillment and less regrets!


We call this course Mastering the LP, and it’s available below for $99 – over $300 off it’s original price of $400.  The majority of the people who purchase the Mastering the LP course are referrals who have been told to do it by someone else who has already been through the program. We feel that the best “sales strategy” is simply providing tools that work – and then letting people share their experience – so don’t forget to check out testimonials below!


What You Will Get…

Essential Exercises

We walk you through specific exercises to help you answer the following questions:

  • What do you want?
  • What will you need to get it?
  • How do you plan on getting it?
  • What is the next step?

Communication Strategies for Sharing Your Plan

Imagine how much better you could work with others if you were able to quickly and concisely articulate what it is you want to get done.  We do this by:

  • Teaching you how to share your plan.
  • Showing you what to look for in others’ plans.
  • Understanding how your plan can lead to fulfillment.
  • Deciding what to do with down time.
  • Learning how to properly delegate.

Coaching & Guidance

The LP founders will talk you on an exclusive walk-through of the LP system in order for you to…

  • Understand the science behind the system…
  • Learn how it works at any stage of life, no matter how good or bad…
  • Complete your day by noon (if you want!) and…
  • Gain 10-15 hours of productivity each week!

When you become a Master of the LP, we throw many more things your way!


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Change Your Week. Change Your Life. Master the System that Transforms Today. Save over $300 with by clicking the button below.

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“This is something I never thought I would enjoy as much as I did. It is hard to keep my attention but Matt was able to. I cant wait to get my team on board. I already got LP's for everyone!"

Christy P - CEO Writer Girl & Associates

“My profits jump 40% when using this better believe it is worth every penny!”

Dr. Eric Bayliss - Corrective Chiropractic

“Engaging and empowering - the LP system will maximize the productivity in my life and the enhance the lives of people around me.”

Joe Perez - CEO Frontline

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