Did you know that living a life in the wrong role may lead to disaster? Each person plays a different role in life. A person can be a father in the family, a volunteer in a community while being a manager by profession. Different roles come with different and also be conflicting responsibilities and that is the reason that as an individual we should be specific on what role we are playing. However, what happens when we play the wrong role?

Recognize your role and play it

The answer to the above question is simple: playing the wrong role leads to disaster. Imagine being a mother in the family but you play the role of a father. Indeed, that is becoming a norm nowadays but it is undeniable how depressing it is to someone who’s in that position. Or let’s also think of a supervisor who tries to play the role of a manager. It affects not only specific people but also the entire organization.

We play different roles at different levels, but it’s difficult to play conflicting roles at one level. On a family level, you can be a mother and with that, you should know and learn the responsibilities of a mother. On a community level, you can be a neighbor and you can also volunteer as long as their responsibilities do not contradict.

The whole idea is not to despise our capabilities of handling things. Nor to limit what we can do as an individual, but it is more of maximizing our potential for us to perform better or best in a community. Come to think of it, how could we be good at something unusual when we can’t even master the things that we should be doing. Yes, it’s not impossible but it is a risky path to take.

Furthermore, the safest way to avoid disaster is to live your life while recognizing your role and responsibilities.

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