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Based on our corporate training program known as TYT (Transform Your Team) we have developed simple workshops for teams and organizations to help their members reap the benefits of a system that works not only in their work life but in their personal life as well.  See the video below about TYT and you will see why organizations are excited about this new and effective way for their members to manage their life one week at a time!

The most common problem employers face is that they can’t seem to get their team on the same page. Every employee has both a personal and professional dimension to their life that causes him/her to prioritize life differently than others. As a result…

Productivity in the workplace isn’t what it could be.

Inc. Magazine did an article uncovering that in an 8-hour day, the average worker is productive for a fraction of the time.  In fact they’re productive for an embarrassing 2 hours and 58 minutes each day.  That means your average employee is only working 37% of the time you are paying them for!

With our TYT program, our users a not just more productive but they are also taking full advantage of the 8 hours they have to work each day.

That means the average employee, prior to using our system, gets 2 hours and 58 minutes worth of productivity.  That same employee, after using our system, will get 10 hours and 38 min.  Giving you an increase of 358% in productivity in the same amount of time!

This is one of the largest issues in most teams and the problem is everyone reacts the same way… “Really?”  Schedule a time to book a phone call and we can discuss this further and give you some tips, FOR FREE.  It’s too big of an issue for us to let go.

We choose only 10 organizations to work with each year. CLICK HERE  and apply now to be one of those 10 and get the FREE consulting call to increase your teams productivity!

“I expected increase productivity and profits which we received…but the MOST UNEXPECTED result that has come from this program is my team no longer uses the excuse ‘I Don’t Have Time’.”- Shantel K – CEO Imagine Media

Why Does It Work, What Makes It Different From The Rest?

Our Transform Your Team program is designed to help your team live and work with intentionality each day. We create team members that receive personal fulfillment each day from the professional work they do. Talk about ultimate employee retention!

It is not hard to find someone to you and claim they can help you grow your business but we have found most of them to be empty promises.  The problem is they come in and tell you what to do but rarely can they show you how to do it. The reason is because the rarely have done it themselves.  

We were sick of individuals coming into our business selling us this dream and then not being able to get the results they promised.  Because of that, we decided to create our own system which has grown into this consulting and training package we call TYT.  Because of our experience, here are just some of the ways we made sure we increased the likelihood of you getting the results you want.

  • 100% experience sharing, not just reiterating theories but speaking from personal experiences that prove each concept. Able to teach you HOW to do what we teach!
  • Made for both salary and hourly employees.
  • Constant interaction by all attendees. No one likes bored employees!
  • Each attendee receives a physical planning device for them to keep, use, and follow through with our system. (Click here to see this Product)
  • Each attendee gets full access to our team.
  • Each attendee receives weekly, monthly, and quarterly follow up and check in.
  • Each attendee will create and leave with CUSTOMIZED plan for their life and work.
  • Some benefits all attendees will receive from this workshop shown below on this page…

Self-implementation is a managers dream and you get it through TYT!

Think about he majority of employee issues that you have dealt with in your career.  If you have been a manager for long enough, then you can relate to what we’re talking about. The end result is the employee is not producing in their role or they are negatively affecting the team.  The thing you need to find out as a manager is…what is the cause?

If you asked the employee, they would probably say they are stressed because of work.  In reality, most of the time when an employee is not producing in work, something outside of work is negatively impacting them.  So what do you do as a manager?

Well once you find out the problem, there needs to be an immediate solution.  That is what most managers love most about their team after TYT has been implemented.  The managers enjoy the amount of self-implementation that happens throughout their team.  Because the system focuses on work and personal life at the same time, your employees will use the same techniques you want them to use to be more productive at work, to also be more productive in their personal life.  The byproduct of that is they are more productive and more alert.

Let us do the follow-up, keep your team on track, and help with new hires.

It is hard enough to GET your team on a plan but it is even harder to keep them on that plan.  We have developed an accountability and follow-up system that will help managers, WITH LITTLE TIME AND ENERGY, keep the momentum going. Introducing a productivity plan that increases the workload on the manager is the #1 mistake of most programs.  Instead, we help the team hold each other accountable.  All we ask of the manager is that you follow the plan as well.

With past programs, it would drive us nuts trying to explain it to a new hire because we never got the results that we want.  Again, because we experienced that, we have a solution for you.  

We have a video series for each session that you can access throughout our engagement so each new employee can go through the program on their own, be trained, and be on the same path as your team.  No matter what session your team is on, by going through our training, they can be caught up to speed as you focus on what you need to do with your team.

Here’s The Simple Process To Maximize Productivity Within Your Team

“It has been a long time since I was EXCITED to plan and execute my plan. It feels like when I first started my business and I had all the energy in the world to attack what needed to be attacked.” Christian D – CEO Fire Protection Services

In just four sessions, we will equip your team with a language and system that will increase the productivity in your organization by as much as 33%. See how below:

What if these sessions could help your team...

  • Get “on the same page” – LITERALLY…
  • Figure out what direction they should be aiming
  • Understand exactly what motivates them
  • Avoid what they don’t want and get more of what they do want
  • Create a culture of productivity in the workplace…
  • Speak a language of productivity that everyone understands…
  • Write an action plan to achieve their yearly goals
  • Take better control of the drama brought into the workplace…
  • Develop an excitement for each month, week, and day to come…

…Would you be interested?

We choose only 10 organizations to work with each year. CLICK HERE  and apply now to be one of those 10!

Teams that engage in our four-session system are seeing up to a 33% increase in productivity for each employee who commits to using the system. What does that mean for your organization? Essentially, you are getting a fulfilled employee who is producing even more. In fact…

This system cuts 4 hours of regular work time down to just 3!

We choose only 10 organizations to work with each year.  CLICK HERE to be one of those 10!

Our goal is to give YOUR TEAM the tools and time they need to boost productivity by 33% for themselves and for your organization.  We have asked attendees of our program, after just one session, to let us know what IMPACTED them most.  The video below is a “highlight” of their responses.  As a bonus, you can get an idea of the environment we create and results we achieve when we come into your organization and help implement this transformational system for your team.


Early Adopters of our TYT program with 33% increase in productivity…


Meet Matt Granados- Your Facilitator

Matt Granados has been “in business” since 15 years old when he developed his own entertainment company.    Since then, he’s been hooked on the entrepreneur life of building businesses and teams.  Right out of college, Matt moved to Atlanta, GA to start Pocket Pets – one of the most unique businesses many people have ever heard of!  Within its first 12 months of operations, Pocket Pets was generating millions of dollars in sales ALL thanks to the implementation of effective systems.  While Pocket Pets keeps growing, Matt has started multiple companies and has become known as a master of productivity by using this proven system of getting teams on the same page, moving in the same directions, and achieving the desired goals.

Matt’s talking style is direct and real as he speaks from experiences.  No one connects or enjoys someone who just reiterates what they read in a book.  Here is a quick 7 minute talk given by Matt discussing how disruptions work in the market place.  Remember, Matt is a entrepreneur and has built multiple businesses that run themselves so he can now travel and help others do the same for their team.



One thing that we teach is that KNOWLEDGE without ACTION is just a waste of time.   With that being said, there is just one more step you need to take and that is to reach out as soon as possible.  I know that you are responsible to bring in something new engaging, and most importantly effective for your team that helps your team and drive the bottom line.  Because of this, we customize each TYT program for your company.  This way we can be the easiest group you work with for bringing content to your team.  At this point, all you need to do is just reach out now to schedule this engagement.

We choose only 10 organizations to work with each year.  CLICK HERE  and apply now to be one of those 10!

Currently all training events are sold out – Please contact us to apply/register for your training

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