Life is like driving a car. Most of the time we take care of our cars more than we take care of ourselves. We make sure that is running well. We always see to it that the tires are in perfect condition with the right amount of air in them. 

If we were in a car with a flat tire, we would slow down and pull over on the roadside. We fix the flat tire. Why can’t we do it to ourselves? After all, tires and cars are repairable and replaceable but we are not. If one of our tires is flat, slow down and fix it.  Just like cars that have 4 tires, we also have 4 vital signs of fulfillment in life. These are how you grow yourself, internally, relationally, physically, and professionally.  We need to make sure that these 4 tires or 4 vital signs are running well and in good condition. 

Motivate The Unmotivated

Here is a snippet of each of these four vital signs of life’s fulfillment as described by the book Motivate The Unmotivated, written by our CEO, Matt Granados.

  1. Internal Growth  – This is the measurement of how well you are growing your mind and spirit. Attracting positive energy and experiencing the power of mindfulness.
  2.  Relational Growth – This is the measurement of how you are growing your connections with others.  This is your relationship with your family or with the people that matter to you. How do you spend quality time with them and really communicate with them? It is also the way you interact with others, do you give out a positive vibe to others and maintain a friendly environment and avoid conflicts. 
  3. Physical Growth – This is the measurement of how you are growing your body. Without personal care, we can’t function adequately in the other three vital signs. Personal care means ample sleep, good nutrition, regular exercise, and other self-care activities.
  4. Professional Growth – This is the measurement of how you are growing your career. You continue to gain more skills and experience necessary to advance your career without neglecting other aspects of your life that need growth as well.

Now that we are familiar with the 4 vital signs of fulfillment, what do you notice? Ask yourself if these 4 vital signs are in balance with your life right now. Life is like driving a car, every four of the tires should be conditioned well to have a good drive. So, if one is flat, fix it. If one of these vital signs is in trouble, make an effort to fix it now so you can have a smooth sailing drive. Like cars, we should also check each and every tire regularly to maintain its high performance and avoid problems along the way.

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