You can share ideas and let others come to their own conclusions. When you talk to someone or share with an audience do not jump to conclusions for them. Lay them with all the facts and necessary information and let them come up with their own conclusions. 

With the advent of technology, social media and almost everything is online. People usually judge others based on what they saw and read online. They will have their own conclusions on matters. Without even considering to really dig deep into the matter. Fake news is everywhere and you cannot just conclude something based on what you saw online.

Let them be.

People fundamentally need and want to figure things out for themselves. When you are running an organization or a team you have to carefully consider this. Let them come up with ideas and solutions and conclusions for themselves. It is the way people learn best. People learn by doing. 

It is better for you to get out of the way. Give your team tasks and problems that they need to resolve. This does not mean though that you will leave them totally. You must also be there for them to guide and support their efforts. You need to step back because it is necessary. By giving people the space and infrastructure they need to do what they do best, they will thrive.

If you really want to help and motivate others, do not tell someone what to do. Instead, ask them what they think. You can pose guiding questions and allow them to arrive at the solution or conclusion and claim it as their own. In this way, they may even improve upon what you had in mind along the way.

Always remember to consider other people’s ideas. Do not think and act for them. Let them come to their own conclusion.

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