Most Impactful & Effective Businesses

Do you meet the following criteria to be a part of our list of Most Impactful & Effective Chiropractors in Missouri?:

1- You take pride in your ability to help serve your patients.

2- You have a wise business sense and are growth oriented.

3- You live by a holistic approach to not only serve your customers but to also run your business.

Apply below to be a publicly recognized as a top doctors in the state.

These are the results Dr. Cohen has experienced in the short time of working with Life Pulse …

Increase his business by multiple 6 figures a year

Opened 5 new locations

Has implemented a system to help create Million Dollar Chiropractors all over the country

Increase Associate Doctor,  employee, and customer retention

Please remember, the top 25 doctors will receive a personal invite, recognition, and access to a full day training program

How to holistically & sustainably grow your practice while retaining associate doctors, employees and customers.

where we show you how you can take what we did with Dr. Austin Cohen in Atlanta, and receive the same results. Top 25 will also receive:

-A certification,  award with ranking, & published as on of LP’s Top LP Chiropractors of Missouri.

-Invite to a local customized training program through Life Pulses top programs

-Limited Offers for company and individual training/coaching by Life Pulse Staff.


Currently all training events are sold out – Please contact us to apply/register for your training

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