The idea without proper implementation is a wasted thought. Look how modern technology changes our lives. People around the globe are connected because of the internet. Our way of transportation is way different from the past. Life is considerably simpler now and that is because of some people’s ideas and the courage they had to put them into action. 

Your thoughts are valuable; don’t waste them.

Have you experienced noticing a trend now and realized that you thought of it years back but you did nothing? Or having an answer to a question but chose not to say it because you were not sure and turned out your answer was right? Maybe right now you are enumerating those wasted ideas you had and thinking of “What if  I did it?” or “What if I said it?”. However, it’s too late now for your “What ifs” but now is the perfect time to start implementing the ideas you have.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. It doesn’t mean that you have to say right away the things you are thinking; instead, write them down and compose your thoughts. It’s not about having a word in everything; it’s about giving your ideas worth and not letting them die. However, not all of your ideas will be considered by the majority, but how would you know if you don’t try? Just remember those people who were initially called crazy but were right all along and those inventors who took years to prove their inventions

So, if you have any great ideas, and you lack the bravery to implement them, at least find the courage to share them with others. Consequently, your great idea without proper implementation is a wasted thought.  Make it your first step in turning your ideas into reality. Take small steps at a time and keep moving forward. Stop doubting yourself or your thoughts because they are valuable so don’t waste them. 

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