WARNING: Showing Appreciation & Gratitude May Lead To Results In Life You Have Never Imagined Possible

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Over 20 years ago, we used a simple note to encourage students at a nonprofit youth success program (www.Eagle University.org) to regularly express appreciation & gratitude.  As the program grew and the concept spread, we saw the power this simple note had not just in the lives of YOUTH but people of every age & occupation from students to CEO’s.

Steven J. Anderson started Eagle U. over 20 years ago to help students (15-24) learn the success principles that many struggle to uncover until much later in life.  Eagle U’s goal is to help students “copy genius” and get a “7-Year Career Head Start” by borrowing the wisdom of some of the most successful mentors we know.

We often ask people to imagine if they know at 15 years old what they know now. How different would life be? What struggles may you have been able to overcome with more clarity, more peace, more direction?  That is what Eagle U does each year for hundreds of students.  Over 10,000 students have gone through this one week summer program since it’s inception – and Eagle U. keeps changing lives each summer today. AS part of the program each student is given a pad full of these notes, just like the note that most likely brought you to this page, as we teach about true gratitude and appreciation being the foundation for a strong relationship.

So, how can you BE A PART OF THE #iAppreciate movement?

We realized this concept is BIGGER than the student population; it’s universal! So, we began a #iAppreciate challenge to continue to spread the impact & power of gratitude across the globe. Our challenge to you is this: GRAB at least 1 #iAppreciate pad and use it up in 1 week.
As you learn more about the value of these notes, you will understand why we began this page and why year after year we have people asking us to send them pads so they can take part in the appreciation movement.
We finally provided a place where people can order their very own pads (as many as you want!), and all the proceeds will go to sponsor a student to attend the Eagle University summer program so they can get a jumpstart on their future!

Read This Before Going ANY Further

Matt Granados (Owner/Founder of Life Pulse Inc) is on our faculty and board.  Matt donates his time and energy to bring the principles he teaches to organizations all over the world to our students each year.  Here is one of his Weekly Wisdom messages that Matt sends to his clients about our Eagle U program each year, and why gratitude and appreciation are critical parts of our life today.

WW #477 - Gratitude & Appreciation Bring Life To One Another

When we think of the word gratitude we tend to think of it as a feeling. But what actions can generate that feeling? This Weekly Wisdom discusses how showing appreciation leads to more gratitude. The inverse is also true. The more you focus on what you are grateful for, the easier it is to show appreciation to those around you. Take a minute to let the people around you know that you appreciate them and watch how your day to day interaction with them changes for the better.

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There is no telling the true power of appreciation in building relationships and shaping behavior. Science has proven that expressions of appreciation cause the release of dopamine that creates feelings of pride and pleasure. The best antiseptic could be a simple expression of appreciation.

For over 30 years, Steven J Anderson (www.StevenJAnderson.com) has spoken at major industry meetings and conventions around the world. He’s conducted hundreds of seminars, and worked with thousands of businesses and organizations to increase their productivity and profits, through the application of over 101 Natural Laws in business and life. His combination of systems, high energy, humor, and every-day application, make him one of the highest rated speakers at every venue where he appears.

#iAppreciate is here to do 2 things

1. Give People A Simple Way To Show Appreciation & Gratitude.

It turns out when it comes to showing appreciation and gratitude, simple is best. Because of that we have designed a very simple note for you to use that has "worked" consistently for over 20 years. We want you to understand that you do not need to just use our notes ,as you could find a normal post it note or a napkin if you really want. But what we have found is that when you have these packets designated specifically to appreciation and with at least 25 individual notes in each, you are more likely to use it and make it a habit.

We offering the options below for individual and organizations of all sizes. 100% of all profits from the sale of these pads will go towards sponsoring students to attend Eagle U. The cost of tuition is very low for a full overnight week on a college campus with world renown speakers and dedicated faculty and staff. The average cost per student is about $1500 for the week.

We would love for this program to be able to sponsor as many students as possible who may not be able to afford the tuition. So that's where the power of these notes play an even greater role! So when you are sitting there comparing the prices below with what it would cost you to do it on a napkin (free) think of these two things. First that no one really wants to get a used napkin as a sign of appreciation and second, 100% of all profits from the sale will go towards a student's tuition. If you would like to donate, feel free to purchase as many iAppreciate Note Pads and give them out to people as you see fit or you can click here to donate directly.

5 Pack


25 Pack

50 Pack

100 Pack

2. Raise awareness for the most impactful youth success program – Eagle University

What you’ll experience at Eagle U are proven ideas, techniques and systems that, when followed, will help you move more rapidly through your education and skip the entire 7 year trial and error process to find a career and a job that fits you. It’s common sense and easy to follow. More importantly, the seminars are energetic, upbeat, and fun! Eagle U believes you learn more when you’re laughing and having a good time.

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